Operations Manager


Infrastructure Systems Managers,
Inc. located in Jamaica, Queens, New York, seeks an Operations Manager
to join their growing company. This is a supervisory position that will
supervise 3 employees currently, but the number supervised is likely to grow.
individual will assist the CEO in Marketing and Business Development, Goals and
Budgeting, and Personnel Development as detailed below:

Oversee marketing and business development,
and work with the CEO on client management to set and ensure company growth
goals are achieved.

Analyze new market opportunities, developing
findings and recommendations, creating implementation strategies, and
evaluating impact of strategy to the company’s bottom-line

Develop or implement product-marketing strategies, including advertising
campaigns or sales promotions

Maintain and build trusted relationships with
key customers, clients, partners, and stakeholders

Translate operational strategy into actionable
goals between cross-functional teams, help to implement organization-wide goal
setting, performance management, and annual planning by creating short and
long-term goals

Review financial statements, sales or activity reports, or other
performance data to measure productivity or goal achievement or to identify areas
needing cost reduction or program improvement.

Develop business strategies and plans with the
CEO that ensure alignment with short-term and long-term objectives.

Manage capital investment and expenses to
ensure the company achieves investor targets relative to growth and

Monitor performance with tracking and
establish corrective measures as needed, and prepare detailed reports, both
current and forecasting

Perform personnel functions, such as selection, training, or evaluation

Oversee company operations and employee
productivity, building a highly inclusive culture ensuring team members thrive

Ensure effective onboarding, professional
development, performance management, and retention

Collaborate with software the development team
to ensure clients feedback is implemented.



MSc. in International Relations or
International Economic Development, master’s in business administration, or
related field

2 Years of Experience with African business development,
budget development and budget oversight

Combined 4 years of international (U.S and
Africa) organizational and business development experience

Possess knowledge of African policies, political and
economic climate, developed workable relationships with African officials.

Ability to diagnose problems quickly and have
foresight into disrupt potential issues

Self-motivated, with strong organizational and
time management skills, Strong, demonstrated leadership capabilities



position allows for telecommute (applicant may reside anywhere in the U.S. and
conduct duties remotely) BUT approximately 30% of the employee’s duties
will be performed in the team’s coworking office in NYC.

As an
international software company, we require the best talent in software
developments, Business Development, Operations, and Customer success management
therefore, we are growing our company in the U.S.  Since information available on the internet varies
from country to country, the Operations Lead must be located in the U.S. to be
able to access the same types of software, applications, and internet systems
as our headquarter location.  Employee will
also be required to travel to Abuja, Nigeria and other African countries as we
grow for implementation/training, marketing, and development approximately 2-3
times annually. Each trip is likely to last 2 to 6 weeks.

Candidates Contact Cuthbert A. Onikute at [email protected]



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