Southern Queens Park Association, Inc.

Jamaica, NY Full Time

Executive Director-Southern Queens Park Association, Inc.

Description-The Executive Director of SQPA oversees and directs the organization’s strategic planning, organizational and programmatic development, fundraising, community and stakeholder engagement, public footprint, and overall management. The Executive Director is an entrepreneurial and dynamic leader who at all times and will unquestioned integrity represents and uplifts the reputation, impact, and community presence of SQPA, and drives the organization toward executing its theory of change in-line with its strategic vision.


Reporting to SQPA’s Board of Directors, the Executive Director will:


Organizational mission and strategy

Provide leadership for SQPA by cultivating a clear and sustainable vision, mission, and strategy for the organization.

Lead the organization’s strategic planning efforts to ensure SQPA can successfully fulfill its mission in the immediate and long-term.

Collaborate with SQPA’s Board of Directors to create, implement, and report on strategic planning efforts to actualize organizational objectives.

Oversees the implementation of SQPA’s programmatic portfolio in-line with the organization’s theory of change and strategic priorities.

Conceptualize and actualize an organizational culture that permeates throughout the organization.

Fundraising and development

Develop, oversee and coordinate SQPA’s annual fundraising and development plan to secure the resources required to support SQPA’s mission.

Expand and diversify SQPA’s visibility and funding base by identifying and engaging new networks of supports through diverse fundraising strategies.

Develop strong relationships with new and existing donors, institutional funders, community stakeholders, government officials, and elected representatives to support the organization’s financial and programmatic needs.

Make public appearances and accept speaking engagements to share information about the SQPA with prospective donors and supporters.

Direct the development of a new performance management and data-tracking framework that will allow SQPA to explain its impact to potential funders.



Working with Program Directors, oversee the design and implementation of SQPA’s core programming and services.

Oversee the development of a new performance management framework and and routines to evaluate the success of SQPA’s programs.


Budget and Finance

Review and maintain adequate internal controls in collaboration with the Board of Directors and the organization’s finance vendors and ensure timely and accurate reporting.

Work with SQPA’s Board of Directors to prepare an annual budget that supports the organization’s mission and goals.

Assist Program Directors with the creation of individual program budgets to ensure compliance with funder requirements and maintain oversight of all programmatic budgets.

Regularly review budgets to determine performance against goals and identify fundraising plans.

Organizational operations and administration

Oversee day-to-day operations of the organization, including staff well-being, program implementation, contract management, and community engagement

Provide strong leadership to SQPA’s senior management team and line staff.

Monitor the implementation of programs and projects in-line with annual budgets, the organization’s strategic plan, and identified performance metrics.

Oversee the development and systematic documentation of policies and protocols that govern the work of the organization.

Establish and maintain policies and protocols that reflect best practices for collecting and using data and seek out opportunities to strengthen the quality and use of data across the organization

This is a full time position based in Jamaica, Queens



7+ years of senior management experience leading teams toward operational and strategic success

Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s Degree in business or public administration highly preferred

Proven track record in organizational development, strategy planning, fundraising, budgeting and fiscal management, program planning, and staff management

Ability to develop and systematically monitor key performance metrics to assess organizational progress

Demonstrated experience coordinating and working with volunteers, government agencies, community-based organizations, non profits, community stakeholders, and other public institutions.

Additional Application Instructions

Please call 718-276-4630 ext. 101 if you have any questions.

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