Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime with the New York Army National Guard!

  • Attend college, tuition FREE!
  • Get paid for work experience in over 100 different fields!
  • Have a rewarding career!
  • If you are permanent resident – Expedited US Citizenship!
  • Incentives include – $50,000 Student Loan Repayment Program and more!

We are now hiring in IT, Medical, Human Resources, Finance, Mechanical, Logistics, Chemical Specialists, Law Enforcement, Military Police, Musicians and in many other areas!  

Need job experience?  Not sure what your direction your life should go in? Overwhelmed by your student loan debt?

Joining the National Guard will give you direction and help you achieve your goals! 

We work hand in hand with FDNY, Corrections and other state and city agencies; along with training in over 100 different fields.

If you have a BA/MA or 90 qualifying college credits towards a degree you may qualify in the officer route of the National Guard.

Get The Career You Always Dreamed Of – 

  • Now Hiring!
  • PAID Job/Skills Training 
  • Leadership Training & Job Experience to Enhance your Resume

Continue Your Education Without Debt – 

  • 100% Tuition Assistance to College or VoTech Institutions (That means FREE!!)
  • College Loan Repayment Program of up to $50,000
  • Scholarship (Montgomery GI Bill) $317/month while enrolled in college

Every Day Life Perks – 

  • Become a Naturalized Citizen in 6-12 Months, FREE (must have Green Card) 
  • Personal Health Insurance $50/month or Family Health Insurance $200/month  
  • Low-Cost Dental Insurance
  • FREE Gym Access/Post Exchange & Commissary Privileges  
  • Low-Cost Car Insurance
  • Housing Allowance

Unlike other branches of the military the National Guard’s first mission is for the State of NY, our second mission is Federal. 

We have the ability to volunteer for search and rescue missions, in regard to natural disasters, such as the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico. This allows you to receive both state and federal benefits. 

After the training period (in which you’re paid full-time), the National Guard is a part-time position.  This gives you the flexibility to work full-time, as well as start/finish school (without the debt). Get paid and earn college credit for your training. 


  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED
  • Permanent Resident (Green Card) or U.S. Citizenship 
  • 18-34 years of age (35-39 years of age are considered with a waiver)
  • In Good Physical Health  
  • No Major Law Violations

Call Today to Learn More About Reaching Your Goals!  No Obligation to Join.  Specialist Brandon Jamanram (347)-580-4601

Apply now:

Cell: (347)-580-4601 Email: [email protected]

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